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Setting and Reaching Goals

Having a strong workplace culture is more valuable than a strong strategy because employees are loyal to their culture, not their strategy.

See your workplace culture through the eyes of an anthropologist and uncover the unwritten rules that may be causing harm and dysfunction.

Jenean teaches overwhelmed leaders how to enrich their workplace culture so that they have a more positive, productive, and profitable team.

Enrich Your Workplace Culture Bootcamp

The Benefits of Enriching Your Workplace Culture

  • Know how to define and articulate your workplace culture
  • Know who, what, when and how your culture is influenced
  • Know how to eliminate harmful workplace habits
  • Keep valuable employees instead of losing them to other organizations
  • Mitigate overwhelm in the workplace
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Build higher levels of trust and respect
  • Adapt to changes in strategy
  • Know how to empower your employees
  • Learn how to overcome conflict with confidence
  • Create an emotionally safe environment
  • Learn valuable leadership skills
  • Know how to truly motivate your team members
  • Know how to hire for fit
  • Shorten Your Onboarding Cycle

So, knowing what I know now,  had I started this sooner in my career, sooner in my life, I would have avoided hiring some of the wrong people who didn’t fit into my culture, that didn’t have the same values and we did, celebrate the same things. I could have avoided a lot of that heartache. But now I know.

~Melissa Cripps, State Farm Agent