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Alchemie Leadership Forum


Join the Forum this month for an amazing deal!

(or until we have our first 100 members)


The Alchemie Leadership Forum is a place where leaders can come together to discuss the real issues surrounding getting in their own way and work together on strategies to stand more in their strength. It’s for people who are ready to claim a higher degree of greatness and become the Powerful, Recognized, Leader they are meant to be.


Is that you? Are you ready to peel back the curtain on what hasn’t worked out so well for you and reveal what’s possible when you take ownership of the ground you walk on and the place you’re meant to be?

The Alchemie Leadership Forum (ALF) is a place where overwhelmed professionals in any industry can come together in a safe environment and uncover their next steps toward living a high performance lifestyle without uncertainty.


Alchemie Leadership Forum Members know they’re meant for more.

Alchemie Leadership Forum Members are tired of putting themselves last.

Alchemie Leadership Forum Members are ready to step into their own brand of greatness.


Do these questions sound familiar?


Are you tired of getting in your own way?
Do you feel stuck or like you’re on a hamster wheel?
Do you feel like you could do amazing things with more confidence?
Do you feel like it might be time for you to prove to yourself that you CAN?


If you know that you really can achieve great things with the right tools and a community of support then you are in the right place!


Alchemie Leadership Forum members see themselves as more than they are right now. And they are willing to do the work to get here. 
This is not the kind of place where leaders come to impress each other with their resume (though we’ll champion the milestones you reach!) It’s a place for you to come and be honest about what doesn’t work and to champion one another on what does. 
If you’re looking for another place to network with high performers because you think it will help you boost sales or position you for the next step, then may I bless and release you to your local networking group. While people in this community do often find synergy and work together outside of this safe space, that’s not the reason they come here. They come here to work on themselves, on their inner game, and they need to feel safe doing so. 

This is where you can let go of your title and practice the art of enriching your human condition so that you can question what hasn’t worked and start implementing plans that do.


If you already know that the Alchemie Leadership Forum is for you, let’s get going!

The Forum

Alchemie Leadership Forum is a virtual space for us to discuss big ideas that help move us forward. We embrace science, art, and a little bit of woo woo that we can’t quite explain- because while we need to trust the structures that have been proven to work, I’ve also learned that we need to trust the magic once in a while as well. I’ll be clear on when to do that!

We have too many people in our lives telling us what to do that it becomes difficult to listen to our true selves. Through this, we often lose sight of who we were meant to be in the first place.

Through my years as a High Performance Coach and Business Anthropologist, I can tell you that we now live in an age where our marketplaces crave authenticity. I’d like to support you in stepping into a leadership style that is authentic to who you are really meant to be. NOT who someone else has told you to be.

Since I’m all about supporting and enriching culture in the workplace, let me tell you a little bit about our culture in the Alchemie Leadership Forum…

We celebrate our wins 

Sometimes our wins come in the form of tangible effects. But often, we overcome difficulties in our lives that are part of our own, personal, inner game. Those wins deserve attention too! In fact, it’s good for our brains to do so!

We champion one another 

The Alchemie Leadership Forum operates on the tenant that the tide raises all ships. When we shine, we can light the way for others and it feels right to do so. Often for leaders it’s lonely at the top. The Forum allows for the kind of community where we can respect and trust that our journey takes place along-side other high achievers. We’re better together!

We grow because we’re honest 

Not just with each other, but with ourselves!

Disclaimer: We cuss a little 

The Forum is a place for us to let our filters go a bit. We’re all buttoned-up and proper in our work-a-day worlds and sometimes it feels more authentic to let a good, juicy F-bomb fly!

You’ll want to tune in for our Weekly Theme Days:

Motivation (inner game) Mondays- What’s getting you excited about the week ahead?
Strategy Wednesdays- What’s working and what’s not
Fulfillment Fridays- This is our chance to post (or boast!) about our wins and obstacles slayed!
Jenean and select guests will visit the Forum with their own expert resources for how you can get out of your own way, stand in your strength and really claim your ground as the powerful, recognized leader that you are meant to be!

What do Alchemie Leadership Forum Members get?

Level 1

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Once you’ve become a member of the Alchemie Leadership Forum you’ll be able to join our exclusive Facebook group with Jenean Merkel Perelstein, Experts in a variety of fields, Guests and more! It’s a lively group and we can’t wait to see you there.

We’ll participate together in periodic Facebook teaching moments as well as opportunities to ask questions, make comments, and champion your journey.

I’ll also send you a copy of Finding Your Lighthouse: A Leadership Guide to Navigating Change so that you can start on your journey of change right away!

Join the Alchemie Leadership Forum Today…

$199/year (save $29 and get 2 months free!)
The first 100 “Foundational Forum Members” 
For a limited time, Level 1 members will receive Level 2 benefits for free!

The first 100 members get all of the above plus the monthly live leadership roundtable calls with Jenean. This live call with Jenean is a Level 2 benefit for Forum Members only.

Level 2

You’ll receive everything in Level 1 PLUS:

Monthly live leadership roundtable calls with Jenean.

Community chat on the calls so that you all can connect with one another.

After 6 months, we’ll send you an Alchemie Leadership Forum journal to track your progress in your growth journey!

What’s a Leadership Roundtable Call?

Members of the forum will come together live once a month to dig into those aspects of leadership that offer us opportunities for growth. Come with your questions, concerns and of course, wins so that we can all learn from one another. Jenean will guide you to your next step offering advice, wisdom and often homework for you to create lasting change. 
This is an opportunity to overcome the obstructions that keep you stuck and get real with what your potential is next. We’ll join together on Zoom so that we can see each other in real time and look one another in the eyes where we’ll commit to taking action in getting what we really want out of work and life. 

The first 100 Foundational Forum Members will get upgraded to Level 2 for just $19 a month!

$199/Year (save $29 and get 2 months free!)
Price will increase to $49/Month after the first 100 Foundational Forum Members

Level 3

Successful people invite success into their lives On Purpose!
(so everyone gets 1:1 support on monthly Zoom Calls)


For those of you who know that now is the time for you to make real, lasting change in your life and in your work, put your hat in the ring to join us for Stand in Your Strength Strategies and get deep, transformational coaching from Jenean over the course of 6 months. 

Then stay in the squad for another 6 months where you and your small group pod (up to 12) will continue to meet with Jenean monthly to fine-tune your success.

This is for High Achieving, Driven people who have already done work to better themselves in the leadership arena but know for sure that there’s more they can do to achieve the next level of success in their lives. It’s for those of you who are tired of the same old shit, and are ready to become the version of yourself you dream of being.

When leaders join Jenean in Stand in Your Strength Strategies something tends to happen after the first few modules. They come to meetings saying, “You’re not going to believe what happened to me…”

Their story is often of some kind of “serendipity” that reveals how the Universe seems to have organized itself in their favor. It happens with such regularity that we now understand the power of getting clear on exactly what you want and then really going for it!

In Level 3 you’ll receive everything in Level 1 and Level 2 PLUS:
6 months of weekly Stand in Your Strength Strategies coaching and corresponding workbook exercises. This proven system has led hundreds of leaders to both personal and professional success!
Monthly Mentorship Call- Get one on one coaching in this small group setting (limited to 12) Here, we’ll apply strategies to the unique situations that come up for you as you go through the Stand in Your Strength Strategies curriculum. All questions are up for discussion and everyone will get time to speak. 

How does the Monthly Mentorship Call work?

Stand in Your Strength Strategies Members are put into a pod of 10-12 people. Everyone is eligible for coaching time on every monthly Zoom call for their small group. Jenean will focus on YOUR question for several minutes. You’ll submit your questions prior to the call or will ask Jenean live. Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. The calls will be recorded and your question will still be answered!
$4,999/Year Save $989 (get 2 months free!)

Why join the Alchemie Leadership Forum?

If there’s a possibility for you to change your results for the better in any area of your life, you owe it to yourself to sign up today!

What would be different if you dealt with….
How would it feel to finally….
Who would you be if you….

I think you’ll know if this is for you. You owe it to yourself if it is.