Enrich Your

Workplace Culture


Building Positive, Productive, and Profitable Teams

October 28th - 30th, 2019

Scottsdale, AZ

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3 FULL Days of Defining and Learning How to Enrich Your Workplace Culture!

Join skilled Business Anthropologist Jenean Merkel Perelstein and a room full of mission-driven entrepreneurs and workplace culture stewards who are all committed to breaking through to their next best level!

Learn how to define your workplace culture and figure out where it may be undermining your strategy and keeping your employees from being as positive, productive, and profitable as possible.

You won't be attending "just another event"

Jenean will break down everything she's done on her path to becoming the Workplace Culture Expert in an easy-to-follow system you can use over and over. It's time to stop ignoring the cultural attributes that are keeping you from achieving your mission and begin to reach the goals and growth that you set out for.

Our events attract an incredible group of high level professionals and business owners, as well as many of our former graduates who have been exactly where you are today. You'll get to know them and learn how they've been successful with Jenean's systems, while also joining together to advance your business and become more profitable.

Others KNOW how valuable Workplace Culture can be to YOU

Melissa Cripps

Owner / Agent

State Farm Insurance

"Jenean gave each one of us tools for working with each other,  then orchestrated an intervention that allowed us to be honest and move forward. Now,

we are working together to solve problems and help customers."

Michael Zervas


Encompass Medical Partners

"She is smart, empathetic and knows her stuff. If you missed her in the past, don't miss your next opportunity."

Price will increase on October 1st - so get your $497 ticket TODAY!

Got a Group? Contact monique @ for group rates

Curious if this event is for you? Let's see!

Does any of this sound familiar...

  • You want to hire for fit, but you don't really know what that means

  • You want to identify your Workplace Culture so you can shape it into something productive and profitable

  • You've been in drama-land too long, and can't find your passport out

  • You need strategies to retain and engage employees and get off of the employee turnover treadmill

  • You want your employees to take more ownership of their work everyday and get the most happiness and productivity for you AND them

  • You want to define your Workplace Culture but don't know where to start

Price will increase on October 1st - so get your $497 ticket TODAY!

Got a Group? Contact monique @ for group rates

Instead, do you want...



Do you lose money in your business due to high employee turnover?



Do you have dominant personalities driving negativity and drama into your workplace?



Does your business need to improve its bottom line through higher productivity from your most valuable assets?


Do you want to grow leaders who are ready to drive your culture as well as your strategy forward?

Does This Sound Like You?

Then join us for Enrich Your Workplace Culture Bootcamp!

This event is about getting you the clarity, systems, connections and breakthroughs YOU need to get your team to be more positive, productive, and profitable.

While some people may be tempted to invest in additional personnel or technical skills training, we find that strengthening your Workplace Culture often makes the resources that you already have more effective.

Jenean’s foundational systems grow productive, profitable businesses and powerful, recognized leaders!

So if you’re ready to make a shift in your life NOW, then join us and other mission-driven entrepreneurs for

Enrich Your Workplace

Culture Bootcamp 2019!

This is a LIMITED-TIME OFFER at $497 that you do not want to miss out on.

Price will increase on October 1st - so get your $497 ticket TODAY!

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What You'll Learn

The Impact of Your Culture

As Peter Drucker says, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." Culture can make or break any strategic decisions by either propelling your results forward or holding them back.

Discover How Culture Can Be Indentified and Changed

A step by step process for identifying the elements for your workplace culture AND proven ways to make change NOW!

Drama Is A Productivity Suck!

How to identify when drama has been institutionalized in your Workplace Culture - where it comes from, why it thrives, and how to stamp it out.

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Jenean Merkel Perelstein

As a Sociocultural Anthropologist, Jenean Merkel Perelstein has studied behavior change across many different cultures. From the markets and prisons of India to the boardrooms of the United States, Jenean has learned and implemented change strategies that have saved lives and made fortunes.  

Jenean is a Business Strategist, U.S. Patent holder, and revered speaker who worked as a medical anthropologist before becoming CEO of Alchemie Academy where she has enriched workplace culture for clients ranging from solopreneurs to fortune 100 companies. When not speaking, she mentors organizations to grow their workplace culture, develop their leadership skills, and achieve a higher level of positivity, productivity and profitability. 

Jenean is the author and creator of Internal Alchemie: The Welcoming Abundance Blueprint and Stand In Your Strength Strategies where she provides training to clients worldwide and certifies coaches to use her models for their own clientele. This work is supported by her book Finding Your Lighthouse: A Leadership Guide to Navigating Change. Looking at organizational culture through the eyes of an anthropologist, she sees the practices occurring outside of policy that often go unnoticed, and hold organizations back from reaching their goals. Jenean passionately helps business professionals and organizations get out of their own way and become the powerful and recognized leaders that they are meant to be.

What You'll Take Away

Over 3 days working with Jenean and her process you'll take away new knowledge, skills, and resources to create impactful change in your Workplace Culture IMMEDIATELY!


Tools to help your Workplace Culture improve your ROI


How to ensure that your policies and processes are NOT in conflict with a productive Workplace Culture


7 steps to defining your unique Workplace Culture


How to use your unique Workplace Culture to hire for fit and to on-board employees easily

Price will increase on October 1st - so get your $497 ticket TODAY!

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Enrich Your Workplace Culture Bootcamp

"I can't wait to see you in Scottsdale!"


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