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Are You Afraid to Rest?

There’s an unfortunate rule in business culture that promotes busy-ness at the expense of our health and indeed, our ultimate productivity. Perhaps it’s a subconscious reaction inherent in the word busi-ness?  But it’s not our fault that we’ve fallen into this trap.  History provides ample evidence of when working harder yielded results that were commiserate to our efforts.  And as a guideline it’s not entirely wrong.  But there are diminishing returns on our efforts when we neglect ourselves spiritually or bodily.  When we don’t take time for ourselves the quality of our work suffers and we need to work more hours to make up for its loss.

I am on a personal mission to eschew the glorification of busi-ness.  Time and again I have seen my clients embrace lengthy self-care regimens only to see their results soar.  While it’s a difficult process to go up against the cultural norm that tells us to be working at all costs, when we operate from that mindset we conclude that any time spent on ourselves or with our families is a “waste of time”.  Even if that message comes at the subconscious level, our behaviors will back up our beliefs and the cycle will continue.

Let this be a call to action for you to change that limiting belief and rest if you need.  Let go of agenda and enjoy feeling nurtured and cared for by the one person who knows how to do it best. You.